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HOLIDAY RELAXATION RESORTS: Busteni (Prahova district), Borsa (Maramures, district), Balvanyos (Covasna district), Borsec (Harghita district), Breaza (Prahova district), Crivaia (Caras-Severin district), Cheia (Prahova district), Durau (Neamt district), Izvoarele (Maramures. district), Lacul Rosu (Harghita district), Paltinis (Sibiu district), Poiana Brasov, Predeal (Brasov district), Sinaia (Prahova district), Semenic (Caras-Severin district), Stana de Vale (Bihor district), Sovata (Mures, district), Tusnad (Harghita district).

HOLIDAY RESORTS AT THE SEASIDE: Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti (especially for the youth), Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn, Mangalia.

MOUNTAIN RESORTS: Poiana Brasov (Bra§ov district), 1020 m altitude, Sinaia (Prahova district), 800-1000 m, Predeal (Brasov district), 1060-1100 m, Paltinis. (Sibiu district), 1450 m, Semenic (Caras.-Severin district), 1400 m, Bor§a, (Maramures. district), 850 m, Durau (Neamt district), 800 m, Stana de Vale (Bihor district), 1100 m, Lacul Rosu (Harghita district), 980 m, Bus.teni (Prahova district), 850 m.

Season preferences PDF Print E-mail

Romania can be visited the entire year. But, in Romania, like in the most Central-Eastem European countries, the touristic season begins in May and ends in late September. The months of July and August concentrate the peek of demands, as the flux of Romanian and foreign tourists increases. But each season has its beauty.
The spring, which in the Southern regions of the country can be felt from the last days of Feb-ruary, is the season when the entire natuie is born once again. The field works start again as the mi-grating birds return on our lands from the hotter countries, especially from the Nile Delta where they stay troughthe winter. The rivers rise because of the rains and the melting of the snow, the wil-low trees flourish. The vegetation comes to life from its numbness. It is the season of the youth and of psychical fortification.

The autumn is the favourite season of the ones who Iove the colours, as in autumn the green of the Carpathian forests changes into yellow, from the end of September until the beginning of De-cember, then it becomes reddish, rusty and otlier nuances so beautiful for the eyes of the painters as well as for the eyes of the tourists.

It is the season of the vineyards when you can fell the sour-sweet perfume of the must. It is the season of the fruit gathering, plums and pears, of the noble vines that cover large regions on Romania's hills and tablelands. But the autumn is also beautiful in the Carpathians or in the Sub-Carpathians, or in the Delta. Fishing or hunting, the Delta receives its tourists in the early October with many surprises.
For those who love winter sports, between the beginning of December until April the mountain resorts offer them great satisfactions. From Poiana Bra§ov to Sinaia, the pearls of the Carpathians, Predeal or Semenic, the entire mountain chain is sprinkled with winter sports resorts. All these have special tracks for beginners as well as for the advanced skiers, ski lifts, comfortable hotels and restaurants, competing with similar units in the Alps.

The thickness of the snow of over 1 metre and even 2 in the northern resorts attracts a large number of tourists each year. And on the high peeks in the north of the country you can ski even in the summer. In most spas, the activity never stops, because of the special treatments, like in Eforie Nord or Mangalia (at the seacoast), or at Baile Felix.
A trip is always a pleasure if you get to see a folk festival. In the renowned restaurants from our capital and from other towns of the country, in the winter sports resorts and even on the seacoast of the Black Sea, the New Year dinner is always organised. The young and the old, all have fun, singing and dancing all night, celebrating what they have accomplished in the past year. Each January,

Material base PDF Print E-mail

Hotels, inns, places to stop for a while and even other facilities can easily be found in the towns and points situated on the main touristic itineraries. 

Hotels with different numbers of stars are usually found in the cities, along with other kinds of hosting units. It is significant that the maintown of each district has at least one hotel.

Preurban ouristic zones have been built around the larger cities, where the natural conditions were favourable, allowing the inhabitants to spend their free rime or weekend in a pleasant way.

It is the ase of the capital, as well as other cities like imişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Braşov, Craiova, Arad.

Cultural asset PDF Print E-mail

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Romania's historical and cultural asset is rich and spread all over the country: in cities and vil-lages, over the touristic itineraries.

The Romanian folklore is a witness of our country's natural beauties and eventful history and of the Romanian spirit.

AII these are found in over 500 museums and his-torical establishments that are naţional monuments spread all over our country's territory.

This popular art can still be found in original, in villages from the Maramureş, Oaş, Bucovina and other Romanian historical regions.
The most important touristic areas like the Romanian seacoast at the Black Sea, the Danube Delta, Northern Moldavia, Oltenia, the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania with its medieval cities, Bucharest, the capital of our country and many others offer differentforms of tourism.

Relaxation, watering treatments, walks through the mountains, meetings, bus circuits, sportive hunting and fishing, horse riding are just few of them.

Watering potential PDF Print E-mail

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The numerous spas take advantage of Romania's great watering potential, which made it renowned internally as well as outside its borders.

Numerous curing factors are found on the territory of our country: mineral and thermo-mineral waters, sapropel muds, mofetts and others.

Their value and utility is known from im-memorial times. There are numerous proofs of the usage of thermal mineral waters two thousand years ago, by the Romans, at Băile Herculane:'Ad Aquas Hercule Sacras'.

In time the bases of a con-trolled and raţional usage of these factors and mineral waters were put. In the eighteenth century ap-peared the first spas.

Today, România has a total of 200 of such spas and localities with curing natural factors.

It is important to mention that the num-ber of those who come for treatment here grows with every year and now exceeds 800000 per year.
The principal curing factors are the climate, the mineral waters, the therapeutic muds and the mofetts. Lakes with therapeutic effects and bottled mineral water are also used.

The most known spas are: Băile Felix, Herculane, Slănic Moldova, Vatra Dornei, Buziaş, and also Băile Tuşnad, Sovata, Călimăneşti-Căciulata, Govora, Olăneşti and others.

Romanian mountains PDF Print E-mail

Actually, all the Romanian mountains are attractive from the tourist's point of vue, permit-ting the practice of winter sports, walks, mountain climbing, speotourism, sportive fishing and hunt-ing.

The easy access, a net of longitudinal and transversal valleys, narrow paths and gorges favoured the construction of new modem roads or forestry roads with relatively low altitudes (about 8.5% of our mountains have altitudes over 1500 m).

The most important groups of mountains are Bucegi, Făgăraş, Parâng, Postăvarul, Piatra Mare, Ceahlăul, Retezat, Semenic, Rodna, Apuseni and others, at the top and bottom of which developed health resorts, cabanas and other facilities. About 7% of the total accommodarion places in oui coun-try are found in the Carpathians, where tourists can come all over the year.

With their facilities, the hotels, cabanas and villas imposed as the main hosting places in the mountains. 

Touristic destinations PDF Print E-mail

Benefîting from varied natural conditions and from a large number of historical monuments, of monumental constructions and artistic and cultural treasures, România imposed itself on the internaţional market with its diversity of touristic destinations.  

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Among its natural touristic attractions, the Black Sea coast concentrates about 40% of Romania's hosting capabilities. Large beaches, with a sand so fine you rarely find in Italy, Greece or France allow you to rest and take advantage of the sun all day long; not like on the Bulgarian coast, where in the afternoon the beach becomes more shady.

Also, the presence of sapropel muds and mezo-thermal waters make possible the existence of spas.
During the 15* of May and the end of September, between Năvodari and the Bulgarian fron-tier, the Romanian seacoast offers great beaches, a tideless sea great for swimmers, many sunny days, not too high temperatures, a great infrastruc-ture with large hotels, numerous facilities for the tourists. The easy access on the roads towards the

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