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HOLIDAY RELAXATION RESORTS: Busteni (Prahova district), Borsa (Maramures, district), Balvanyos (Covasna district), Borsec (Harghita district), Breaza (Prahova district), Crivaia (Caras-Severin district), Cheia (Prahova district), Durau (Neamt district), Izvoarele (Maramures. district), Lacul Rosu (Harghita district), Paltinis (Sibiu district), Poiana Brasov, Predeal (Brasov district), Sinaia (Prahova district), Semenic (Caras-Severin district), Stana de Vale (Bihor district), Sovata (Mures, district), Tusnad (Harghita district).

HOLIDAY RESORTS AT THE SEASIDE: Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti (especially for the youth), Neptun, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn, Mangalia.

MOUNTAIN RESORTS: Poiana Brasov (Bra§ov district), 1020 m altitude, Sinaia (Prahova district), 800-1000 m, Predeal (Brasov district), 1060-1100 m, Paltinis. (Sibiu district), 1450 m, Semenic (Caras.-Severin district), 1400 m, Bor§a, (Maramures. district), 850 m, Durau (Neamt district), 800 m, Stana de Vale (Bihor district), 1100 m, Lacul Rosu (Harghita district), 980 m, Bus.teni (Prahova district), 850 m.

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Affections of the locomotion apparatus, rheumatism, neurological, peripheral, orthopaedic traumas: Amara (Ialomita), Bazna (Sibiu), Balta Alba (Buzau), Calimanesti-Caciulata (Valcea), Colacea (Tunis.), Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud (Constanta), Baile Felix (Bihor), Geoagiu-Bai (Hunedoara), Baile Govora (Valcea), Baile Herculane (Caras-Severin), Baile 1 Mai (Bihor), Mangalia (Constanta), Moneasa (Arad), Ocna Sibiului (Sibiu), Ocnele Mari (Valcea), Pucioasa (Dambovifa), Rodbav (Brasov), Slanic (Prahova), Slanic-Moldova (Bacau), Sacelu (Gorj), Sovata (Mures.), Tinea (Bihor), Techirghiol (Constanta), Vata-Bai (Hunedoara), Vatra Dornei (Suceava).
Affections of the cardiac-vascular system:
Balvanyos (Covasna), Borsec (Harghita), Buzias. (Tunis.), Covasna (Covasna), Lipova (Arad), Vatra Dornei (Suceava), Tusnad-Bai (Harghita).
Gynaecological affections: Amara (Ialomita), Bazna, Ocna Sibiului (Sibiu), Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Mangalia, Techirghiol (Constanta), Baile Felix (Bihor), Geoagiu-Bai (Hunedoara), Baile 1 Mai (Bihor), Moneasa (Arad), Rodbav (Brasov), Slanic (Prahova), Sacelu (Gorj), Sovata (Mures.)
Affections of the respiratory apparatus:
EforieNord, Eforie Sud (Constanta), Baile Govora (Valcea), Slanic Moldova (Bacau).

ORL affections: Slanic Moldova (Bacau), Slanic (Prahova), Baile Govora (Valcea).
Endocrine affections: Borsec (Harghita), Stana de Vale (Bihor).
Dermatological affections: Amara (Ialomita), Balta Alba (Buzau), Eforie Nord, Mangalia, Techirghiol (Constanta).
Affections of the digestive system: Borsec (Harghita), Calacea (Timis.), Calimanesti-Caciulata, Baile Olanesti (Valcea), Lipova (Arad), Malnas,, Valcele (Covasna), Sangeorz-Bai (Bistrita-Nasaud), Slanic Moldova (Bacau), Zinca (Bihor).
Nutrition maladies: Calimanesti-Caciulata (Valcea), Malna§, Valcele (Covasna), Baile Olanesti (Valcea), Slanic Moldova (Bacau), Sangeorz-Bai (Bistrita-Nasaud).
Urinary-renal maladies: Calimanesti-
Caciulata, Baile Olanesti, (Valcea), Slanic
Moldova (Bacau). 

Neurosis: Balvanyos (Covasna), Borsec (Harghita), Moneasa (Arad), Sinaia (Praliova), Stana de Vale (Bihor), Tusnad-Bai (Harghita), Vata-Bai (Hunedoara).

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