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Gifted with a varied and spectacular relief, advantaged by its climate, allowing tourism the entire year, gifted with a rich fauna and flora, with a large number of historical, architectural and artistic monuments, România can satisfy the preferences from different areas of the intern and internaţional demand.

România is gifted with a varied touristic potenţial. The Romanian littoral at the Black Sea has alength of 244 km and numerous large beaches covered with fine sand while the Danube Delta has a varied fauna and flora. In the centre of the country, the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains circles the Transylvanian Tableland. The numerous springs and lakes with therapeutic quali-ties form the base for the development of spas.

România also has a large number of historical places, like the Dacian Citadels and numerous old cities and villages. At this list of natural and touristic attractions we have to add the economical and social realisations, interesting for all visitors. And, in the end, the already renowned tradiţional Romanian hospitality.

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After the revolution from December 1989, the Romanian tourism has known an economic reform, which materialised in the privatisation of all the touristic centres, the decentralisation and autonomy of the touristic enterprises, which all be-came commercial companies.

Since the middle of 1991, these companies have transformed themselves into limited respon-sibility firms like the companies in other countiies with a developed tourism.

At the same time, in 1991, we passed at the classification of hotels and restaurants by the num-ber of stars, aligning with the internaţional stan-dards.
More and more large companies are invest-ing in the Romanian tourism, contributing to the capitalisation of the touristic potenţial of our coun-try and to the improvement of the services' quality in the Romanian tourism.

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