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Actually, all the Romanian mountains are attractive from the tourist's point of vue, permit-ting the practice of winter sports, walks, mountain climbing, speotourism, sportive fishing and hunt-ing.

The easy access, a net of longitudinal and transversal valleys, narrow paths and gorges favoured the construction of new modem roads or forestry roads with relatively low altitudes (about 8.5% of our mountains have altitudes over 1500 m).

The most important groups of mountains are Bucegi, Făgăraş, Parâng, Postăvarul, Piatra Mare, Ceahlăul, Retezat, Semenic, Rodna, Apuseni and others, at the top and bottom of which developed health resorts, cabanas and other facilities. About 7% of the total accommodarion places in oui coun-try are found in the Carpathians, where tourists can come all over the year.

With their facilities, the hotels, cabanas and villas imposed as the main hosting places in the mountains. 

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There are ski lifts, numerous ski-tracks with different degrees of dif-ficulty - Poiana Braşov, Sinaia and Predeal get about 60-70% of the total number of tourists which come to the mountains every year.

Resorts from the second generation are becoming more and more popular, having a great natural potenţial: Durau (Neamţ district), Semenic (Caraş-Severin distiict), Stâna de Vale (Bihor district), Borşa (Maramureş district), Păltiniş (Sibiu district), Buşteni (Prahova district), Arieşeni (Alba district) and others, but these still require more investments.
Another apart destination would be the Danube Delta, a place original and interestingj unique in Europe, with elements distinct from other deltas in the world. Born by the dispersion of the Danube's waters before it flows into the Black Sea, the Delta raises the interest of the tourist by the special bond between water and earth, a mixture almost unique.

Its flora and fauna, its human in-habitants, all make the Danube Delta a great destination for all the tourists, but especially for the amateurs of fishing, silence and sun and also for
the rare animal and plant Io vers. Excursions with tourists from the seacoast and from all over the country are frequently organised.

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